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22 November 2017Art and Revolution: Russian Art from the Romanovs to Stalin
29 March 2017An Introduction to Modern Art
22 November 2016Study Day - Handel, Hogarth & Captain Coram's Foundling Hospital from the 18th Century to the Present Day
01 March 2016Study Day - International Arts & Crafts from William Morris to Frank Lloyd Wright

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Art and Revolution: Russian Art from the Romanovs to Stalin Dr. Rosamund Bartlett Wednesday 22 November 2017

Before the Bolsheviks brought down the Tsarist regime in 1917, Russian artists and musicians staged a daring revolution of their own by radically changing the very language of art.  Their new position as leaders of the European avant-garde continued in the new conditions of Soviet Russia after 1917.  Some major artists, like Natalia Goncharova, chose to remain in exile in the hope of one day returning to Russia. Others, like Kandinsky, Chagall and Malevich, went on to play a leading role in early Soviet culture amidst utopian hopes for a bright future.  This day of lectures will explore the Russian arts from late Tsarism until the end of the 1920s.  The experimentation which gave rise to Suprematism and Constructivism will be discussed in the context of the valiant quest led by more traditional artists to preserve traditions of beauty, and the political engagement demanded by the Stalinist regime.

1. The Story of Russian Art before 1905

2. The Revolution in Art: The Emergence of the Russian Avant-Garde on the Eve of 1917

3. Art in Revolution:  The Russian Avant-Garde after 1917

Rosamund Bartlett completed her doctorate at Oxford and is an authority on the cultural history of Russia.  Her books include Victory Over the Sun: The World's First Futurist Opera and Shostakovich in Context, as well as biographies of Chekhov and Tolstoy.  She is also the translator of Chekhov and the new Oxford World's Classcics edition of Anna Karenina.  She has contributed articles on art, music and literature for publications such as the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, the international art magazine Apollo and the programmes of the Royal Opera House, and is currently writing a history of Russian modernism.

The cost of the Study Day is £30.00 and includes tea and coffee on arrival.  The booking form can be downloaded here