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Magic Lantern
Wednesday 01 January 2020

As part of our commitment to Young Arts, The Arts Society Chiswick has been supporting the work of Magic Lantern, an educational charity which brings art history workshops to schools.

We are delighted that Magic Lantern has received the J.M.Barrie Award for 2019 from Action For Children's Arts. This is a charity which was founded in 1998 to campaign for children and the arts in the United Kingdom.

The award citation said that it was made to Magic Lantern " recognise twenty-five years of helping children to observe and explore the world around them and to think creatively and critically through a series of art history workshops."

The award was received on behalf of Magic Lantern by Matthew Sanders, the director, whom some of you may remember gave a presentation on the work of Magic Lantern before one of our lectures in 2018.