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The Arts Society Chiswick and Woodbridge Park
Tuesday 03 March 2020

Press Release issued by Woodbridge Park:

Woodbridge Park go Hip Hop crazy!

Woodbridge Park were lucky enough to receive a grant from The Arts Society Chiswick to be able to get Hip Hop artist Toby G, MBE up to Hounslow. Toby G; originally from Poland, and a proud Romani Gypsy spent two days at Woodbridge Park Education Service, teaching the pupils and staff some smooth moves.

Head of Service, Ian Berryman says: “Our pupils deserve the best and this grant from The Arts Society Chiswick has enabled us to get the best. Toby has provided a mind-blowing experience to our pupils over two days and taken them away from the ‘day-to-day’ to a very special place. It is so amazing to be able to see our pupils smile, laugh and be children – they deserve a childhood and the best education just like everyone else. They have also been able to get some real insight into Hip Hop as an art form.”

Toby worked with one of his apprentices, Jackson to inspire pupils and staff to get up, join in and have a go. The atmosphere was amazing and over the sessions, children who were refusing to join in, found the energy and confidence to get moving and grooving.

Toby says: “It has been a privilege to be able to come to Hounslow and build a relationship with the pupils and staff at Woodbridge Park. I feel so honoured to see the staff in action, their passion and dedication for their students has blown me away. When I look at these young people, I see myself as a young man, and all I needed was someone to see my potential and the staff are providing this for their students at Woodbridge Park. Can you imagine if there was also positive outside provision – youth centres and youth workers on the streets; nurturing their talents and providing positive role models. This is 100% needed and would amplify the daily efforts of the staff at Woodbridge Park. Peace and love, Toby G, MBE.”

Woodbridge Park Education Service is Hounslow’s Local Authority Alternative Provider which makes provision for those children and young people who cannot attend mainstream schools for a variety of reasons. It has five centres across Hounslow and offers educational programmes to over 240 children and young people every year.