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09 January 2020The Genius of Beethoven
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12 March 2020150 Years of London Underground Design
02 April 2020Raphael: a Master in the Making (2020 marks 500th Anniversary of his death
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11 June 2020From Garbo to Garland – the magical art of Hollywood
09 July 2020Turner vs Constable: the great British paint-off
17 September 2020Mr Barry’s War: rebuilding the Houses of Parliament
08 October 2020Art Transported: How did it get here from where it was made? Who owned it before?
12 November 2020Pompeii: Digging Deeper with the Muddy Archaeologist

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The Genius of Beethoven Peter Medhurst Thursday 09 January 2020

Famously, every morning of his adult life, Beethoven measured out exactly 60 coffee beans for his breakfast.  A man who is capable of such discipline over a cup of coffee can surely apply that exactness elsewhere in his life; and in Beethoven’s case, it was applied to his compositions.  In fact, the detail found in his music is often so subtle that most people don’t even know it’s there.  This lecture explores Beethoven’s genius as a writer of music, at the same time setting his extraordinary story against the backdrop of 19th century warfare, revolution and dramatic social changes. 17th December 2020 is the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s death.

Peter Medhurst appears in the UK and abroad as a musician and scholar, giving recitals and delivering illustrated lectures on music and the arts. He studied singing and early keyboard instruments at the Royal College of Music and at the Mozarteum in Salzburg.

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